Basically I want the my web-app users to be able to find the link for my website log in page, like we have in facebook:

See this image.

I would really appreciate if you could tell where is it done and/or if you could redirect me to a tutorial where it shows how its being made.


Actually, It's called "Sitelink" of a website. Google will show these link depends on organic visitors, most searches page, most share at (social media) of a page. Google will decide that it will show it or not.

You can follow to show this sitelinks some instruction are:

  1. Unique & Valuable Content
  2. On-page Optimization
  3. Organic Link building
  4. Share at Social Media
  5. Follow Google Webmaster Guide Line

Note: After completing On-page optimization If you search with your domain name then first time you will see it at SERPs.

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