I recently purchased a domain from 123-reg and am hosting the site on pythonanywhere.com

I tried to redirect the non-www domain to a www domain using the methods 123-reg specified but it resulted in a redirect loop, so I removed that feature. As soon as I removed it, the non-www and www domains redirect to : It's a sponsored ad page, something to do with parkingcrew?

If I prefix the domain with anything else - e.g. hi.clarallel.com I get redirected to a 123-reg site.

I'm worried that somehow my www and no-prefix domains have been hijacked. When I called 123-reg customer services, they found an A Record with a destination they didn't recognise (and which I hadn't put in).

What might be the problem with my domain

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You domain is probably parked by 123-reg, just remove all A and CNAME DNS records as they are pointing to the parked site.

  • Check you DNS settings and remove all A and CNAME records.

    Now add the CNAME record pointing to your pythonanywhere.com APP


    hostname: www Type: CNAME Destination CNAME: webapp.pythonanywhere.com

Follow pythonanywhere.com instructions for setting up your custom domain https://help.pythonanywhere.com/pages/OwnDomains/

CNAME record maps your sites subdomain to another site like webapp.pythonanywhere.com.

A records maps your nake domain or subdomain to an IP address

Since pythonanywhere.com uses CNAME you still need to map the naked domain to you site so set up redirection or domain forwarding under your 123-reg settings

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