I own a store and have a bunch of affiliates who promote it, for an affiliate fee. Lately I encountered situations where affiliates spam via email, getting my store domain name blacklisted, usually only a few days down the road. Is there a good blacklisting monitoring tool, both for MX records and for spam DB's? I'd be happy to pay for a quality service.

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Yes. Doubtless there are others, but I recommend HTTP:BL, which uses blacklist data compiled by Project Honeypot. There are easy-to-use plugins for a lot of common CMSs.

It can be used for free if you set up a "honey pot" (a trap which reports spambots) on your site. For certain commercial and high-traffic applications, you need to contact them.

All active members of Project Honey Pot may use the basic http:BL service for free. To qualify as "active," merely install a honey pot, add a QuickLink to your site, donate an MX entry, or refer some friends to the Project. If you qualify, you can request an Access Key for http:BL.

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