my client wants to use AJAX crawling (I know that it is deprecated But he wants it to use because of another search engine that still support it such as yandex.ru)

So I have URL like this:


I feel it pretty ugly to transform it to this:


So I decided to use <meta name="fragment" content="!">

What page will Googlebot look for when he goes to this page:


(like example.com?category=car&_escaped_fragment_=#/card/card_slug)


fetched as following and indexed.


single # url's are not crawled /i'm not sure/ and definitely not indexed

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Use the above link to fetch your URL in search console and Google will likely tell you what page it fetched with your # parameter in the URL.

I think the most likely result is that it will ignore everything after the # and only fetch example.com, but I am not sure.

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