I'm not sure what's going on. Basically, I have a large number of domains using the same nameservers: dns1.example.com and dns2.example.com.

Every individual domain name is registered with dotster.com

For example.com, I tried replacing:


with the IP address of the dedicated server computer that has all the domain records.

I get this message:

Records for example.com could not be updated. The nameserver you chose may not be a valid nameserver. Please verify with the provider and try again

All domains in question are current (not expired), and I just locked the domain not long ago.

I even verified that the IP address I entered for the computer is correct via my dedicated server control panel, and the WHM installed on the computer. I also verified the IP address is correct because it functioned as expected when I entered it into the web browser.

What I did notice around the time I (attempted) to make changes to the example.com DNS settings is that on the computer with WHM, the IP for example.com DNS has changed to some other IP address. I put that IP address in a browser and reached http://universalfwding.com/.

I understand with DNS changes that I need to wait 24 hours for updates, but is it just the dotster interface being dumb or do I need to do something else with a domain in my dotster account before having the ability to change nameserver domain addresses?


I put in dns1.example.com and dns2.example.com as the nameservers on the first attempt and it seemed to work, but the IP addresses don't work. I don't get why when the IP addresses are the ones to the dedicated server.

  • I have found that at some places you have to use the FQDN and others you have to use IP address. Sometimes they auto convert FQDN to IP address, some places don't. Seems to be individual system quirks
    – Steve
    Aug 4, 2017 at 23:58
  • did you ask dotster ? you pay them for a service, so they have some kind of support, no ? Aug 6, 2017 at 10:52

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whois found some answers I need and maybe so did time.

It seems that I need to use dns1.example.com and dns2.example.com as nameservers.

When I looked at the whois records for each of them from my home computer, it pointed directly to the dedicated computer IP address. No IP address however was listed when I looked at whois for example.com but it listed dns1.example.com and dns2.example.com as nameservers.

After such changes, things seemed to work.

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