I just wanted to if there is any difference between building a custom blog (i.e. blog with purchased domain and host) and building a blog on blogger. I mean with a blog on blogger, you can create posts, pages, add ads etc. and the same thing you can do with a hosted blog with WordPress installation. Then why would someone spend money on creating something that you can create for free?


The basic answer comes likely down to control. Google has complete control over the Blogger platform, which leaves users at it's mercy.

As a few examples:

  • To comply with European Union rules, they automatically place a "Use of Cookies" notice on the site.
  • Blogger places adult sites behind a warning interstitial.
  • Blogger doesn't allow adult sites with ads.
  • Blogger has a large number of rules regarding content. To be fair, many hosting platforms have similar rules. But with non-blogger sites you can switch hosting if you wish. With Blogger, your stuck with that service to a degree.
  • If Blogger doesn't provide a feature or service, there is no way to add it.
  • If something breaks, there are perhaps more avenues for solving the problem with smaller players than a multinational corporation.

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