I am doing some updates to a 10-year old site, and I am baffled. Everything worked great locally, so I uploaded a bunch of stuff to the server using Filezilla. Within Filezilla I can see all of the files, but for some reason I get a 404 when trying to view them.

It seems as though (at least for the folder I'm currently checking) this is happening for items which are "farther down the list" alphabetically. I tried to re-upload a file individually but it didn't change anything.

Is this an indication that I hit some sort of limit with the hosting company? And if so why can I still view the files from Filezilla?

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    One thing work checking is if you've got the case exactly right. Non-Windows servers are very often case sensitive. Commented Mar 17, 2011 at 15:14

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I found the answer with the SM36_3M.jpg file, you need to make sure the extension is uppercase: http://ercolehome.com/images/products/mirrors/SM36_3M.JPG

The way I found this out was by going to here


You might want to turn off directory listing.


Firstly, can you upload a unique file to the root dir and then check on the internet that it is there. Just wondering if you have for some reason connected to the wrong area/account. Have done this myself before.

Also, can you clear the whole directory and then upload one of the "non-working" files and test?

Or create a sub directory and upload to that, testing one file at a time.

Give us a list of the file names & directories, and a url we can test?

Also as Paulmorriss says, check the file name case as non windows servers are a bit fussy about this. You have F5'd/refreshed Filezilla to double check the directory does contain these files


That's because all the files can be upload but viewing the file in the internet is not allowed. There are certain restriction that prohibits anyone to see the file.

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