I would like to describe Google Place ID using of a MovieTheatre entity.

I am assuming I should be using the sameAs property. However, what should be the Google Place ID?

Is it worth including this information for purposes?


Schema.org doesn’t offer a property for Google’s Place IDs. As these IDs are strings (not URIs), you can’t use the sameAs property.

I can see two ways one way how a Google Place ID could be specified:

  • You could define your own property with the additionalProperty property, where you specify the Place ID as value for the value property. Of course you can’t expect general consumers to make use of such a custom property.

  • You could use the hasMap property to link to the relevant Google Map (as far as I understand it, the URL would contain the Place ID). The URL doesn’t seem to contain the Place ID; it seems to be used only in their APIs.


If you mean search features like rich results with "SEO purposes", there is typically no reason to guess: just check the search engine’s documentation, they should list which Schema.org properties have an effect.

In the case of Google Search, a page about a MovieTheater could qualify for a Local Businesses rich result (but it doesn’t seem to be available for everyone yet). You can find the supported properties under Local business properties.

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