For technical reasons I have to host multi-language support directly in my HTML code and display only the chosen language based on a cookie (user can switch)

<span class="language language-fra">BONJOUR</span>
<span class="language language-eng">HELLO</span>

.language-fra{display:initial} // IF FRENCH SELECTED

This is for a Shopify, thus e-commerce.

Does injecting product description twice in the HTML, in different language, has an impact (positive or negative) on the SEO ?

  • How is the selection done? Is it based on the URL, based on the "accept-lang" header, based on IP address, or does the user have to choose something? – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 18 '17 at 14:58
  • By default I set to french but user can switch with a small button in the menu and this will toggle language using Jquery – Eric NEMO Jul 18 '17 at 21:48
  • Google can't crawl that. When you switch the language, have it change the URL. Theo's answer is correct. – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 18 '17 at 22:43
  • Side note (not about SEO): Do you know the lang attribute? You should use this instead of class. In CSS you can use the :lang pseudo-class. – unor Jul 19 '17 at 13:32

Even though Googlebot is getting smarted about multi-lingual content and hidden content as well, Google still recommends to:

"Keep the content for each language on separate URLs."(https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/182192?hl=en).

So, in short: yes, this is likely to negatively impact your SEO.

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