I am using Angular JS to develop my web application. My current URL will be like this: localhost:8080/#!/home.

I can remove hash tag from the url and make it: localhost:8080/home but does that help me in getting good SEO ranking in Google?

If adding the hashtag doesn't affect my SEO rankings (even not that much), I can use this.

Note: All my page URLs will be added only after #!


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Google just don't understand what the meaning of /#!/ or any other thing like /10787/ in this question URL, but they can crawl the hashbang /#!/ URL just like other URL's.

I suggest to go for clean URL's, if it take only few hours to setup, it will impress your visitors as well. The keyword in URL affect very very small in ranking, but the position of keyword like after /#!/ or /10787/ or after 3 sub directory does not make much difference.


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