My hosting server have php 5.4.45 installed along with mysql 5.6.28-76.1 cpanel 58.0 (build 47)

I've got so many errors because I was using latest XAMPP with PHP 7.1 on my computer. I want to be in sync with my server.

Please provide me details where can I find the compatible version of XAMPP which resolves my problem.

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The last version of XAMPP to be based on PHP 5.4 appears to have been the XAMPP 1.8.2-x series, culminating in version 1.8.2-6.

But it also seems that 1.8.2 series used MySQL 5.5 not 5.6. The first version of XAMPP to do that seems to have been 1.8.3-x, with the final version of that series being 1.8.3-5.

Both may be available on sites that specialize in older versions of software. However, your best choice may currently be Sourceforge.

Just as a small note - if neither of these satisfy your needs, you can do a little bit of legwork and set all three up fairly easily without the need of XAMPP.

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