I am using Apache and i have access of cPanel. I want to disable TLS1.0. I have no idea how to do this. Can this done via cPanel?

Is there is any option how to do that? Where do I need to change that?


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Unless you have access to WHM then its not possible to edit the Apache instance as you are sharing the same configuration with many other users.

Generally this is found in

Apache Configuration

Adjust Apache's protocol string in WHM's Global Configuration interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration).

Which you would the use something like -all +SSLv2 +SSLv3 +TLSv1.2

But it can be done in cPanel but you would need to contact your web host because you need to edit the virtual host file.

Apache SSL Virtual Host

# be liberal in general SSLCipherSuite ALL:!aNULL:RC4+RSA:+HIGH:+MEDIUM:+LOW:+EXP:+eNULL

Then the above code you change to the Ciphers you want to use, you can find a list of the commands for ciphers here.

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