For example, I can shorten http://example.com with Google URL shortener goo.gl. If I get clicks to the Google shortened URL https://goo.gl/..., will I see goo.gl as the referrer in the analytics for example.com?

  • Any answer on this yet? I'm running into the same question. Popular pages show a referer in GWT of "ow.ly/...." and the ow.ly URL resolves to the page in question. Is this normal?
    – Mageician
    Commented Sep 4, 2018 at 14:28

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Not so sure about the goo.gl butI've been using bit.ly for quite some time and I don't se bitly as the referrer for the traffic received from those links.

I've also been using bit.ly for links with UTM parameters and the result is the same.

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