I've just finished redesigning the website and had some new URLs that didn't match up to old ones.

I did a 301 redirect to those pages. Now the old and the new page are ranking first and second in google (2 results ranking instead of 1 previously).

My theory is that since the redirected URL is ranking, it hasn't been crawled yet, so the new page is not getting any juice from the redirect.

What I want What will happen if I redirect my old page to another URL. Will the ranking for the new URL remain?

  • Only ever redirect when you relevant pages to the next.... i.e iphone.html to /iphone/ not iphone.html to /technology/. The juice is passed when the old one is dropped from the index, this can take several days but waiting a couple of weeks sometimes isn't uncommon. So as long as your 'CURL' test confirms a header status of 301 redirect, wait. – Simon Hayter Jul 2 '17 at 17:19

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