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I have recently started buying google ad for some promotion.

Ultimately I want to drive signup by these ads.

In acquisition, I can find this set of figures of my campaign.

There is this 'Goal 1: create an account'.

My questions are

1) I don't know how I can register a successful user signup as 'Goal 1' in google analytics.

2) There are 12 session for this campaign. But when I switched to AUDIENCE-> User Explorer with the same campaign as criteria, there is only one user. How does these 12 sessions mapped to the one user?

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The most usual way to set a goal for a sign-up would be to use the url of the final thank-you or confirmation page as the destination page. Go to Admin > Goals > New Goal> then give it a name and choose Destination as the type of Goal.

  • Is it possible to achieve it programmatically? e.g. after signup can I call a certain javascript function to create a user profile similar to mixpanel's people? Jun 27, 2017 at 23:03

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