When attempting to go to cloudfront.net, my browser reports a DNS error. However, when doing a whois on the domain, it reports that the domain has been registered since 2008.

I'm wondering how can the domain be registered but not work?


Just because I own a domain, doesn't mean it has to be in DNS. Even if nameservers are assigned, if the host hasn't created a zone file, the internet can't see the domain.

The reason for doing this might be to stop squatting, but if it were me, I would redirect the domain to my primary domain.


A domain name can be used for other things than web browsing. This domain name has NS records but www.cloudfront.net has no A record, hence the error with your browser. If you search online you will see that this domain name is used in hostnames such as d1ge9gepfw1oo6.cloudfront.net.

It is Amazon CDN offering, see https://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/details/

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