I'm trying to set up a system whereby a user clicks a button, is taken to PayPal and receives a code once they've paid. I know that there are ways to do this using PHP (which I'm not familiar with). I'm hoping I can do it more simply as follows.

  1. Create a code in my app from the userID and add it as a variable to the PayPal button html.
  2. Send code to PayPal when button is clicked.
  3. Show code once transaction is completed.

Is there a way to send a variable and have it displayed after a transaction? This seems like an obvious and simple process to me, but I'm not familiar with PayPal's charging system.

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Yes, you can do this via the API, FORM Variables or both. If you're looking for a solution or examples, then Pro Webmasters would be off-topic because it's about HTML and API programming, Stack Overflow is more suitable if so.

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