I'm planning on using CloudFlare with our website but I need to make sure that I can still provide download statistics for some of the files which will inevitably be cached.

I couldn't find anything referring to specific files, rather than general page visits.

Is this possible with CloudFlare's analytics in combination with the same analytics that we currently use?

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No it does not - at least, not on the Pro plan that I use. Cloudflare Analytics is actually fairly limited in what you can see, and there is no download of stats.

In my dashboard I have the following. All graphs allow for daily or hourly 'points' and go back one month maximum.

  • Requests Through Cloudflare - a graph of how many cached vs uncached requests occurred.
  • Bandwidth - a graph of how much data was used (cached vs uncached) in megabytes or gigabytes.
  • Unique Visitors - should be self-explanatory.
  • Threats - a graph of 'malicious threats' split into Bad Browser, Human Challenged and Browser Challenged
  • A map showing where threats have originated from.
  • Top Traffic Origins - table with most popular countries.
  • Top Crawlers/Bots - table of crawlers (e.g. Googlebot).
  • Various pie charts of savings you've made using Cloudflare such as '90% fewer servers needed' or '80% bandwidth saved'.

It's interesting to look at occasionally, but I've never found it truly useful. If you need stats on specific files you may have to look elsewhere.

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