I have a paginated website that publishes links to news articles from different news sources in a specific niche every hour in a most-recent-first fashion. The website is paginated so www.example.com?p=1 is the first page, www.example.com?p=2 is the second page and so on.

The problem is: www.example.com?p=1 will possibly have a completely different content after an hour. It will definitely have a completely different content after a day. That said, every time I see an article of the website appearing on Google Search, the result does not match the search query. What's the best way to handle this problem?


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Frequency of the refresh will depend on your website popularity and credibility according to google rules. (that must be the start of your reflexion)

If you're in a specific niche, you may be be split your news in categories, so request will display result less far from the search query.

So, you may should increase: Popularity of your website (linking campaign) to increase google refresh rate Split your content in différent category

Is the content high quality, fresh AND not duplicate ? if not improving it can help

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