What is the best way to quickly update multiple client domain DNS and keep switchover downtime to a minimum?

I am currently using vanity nameservers and glue record on my Primary domain, at the domain registrar like so;

1) mycompany.com which has nameservers of ns1.powerdns.com & ns2.powerdns.com (from Host) and I have glue records of my vanity nameservers; ns1.mycompany.com (IP & ns1.mycompany.com (IP 2) in Host providers DNS managment, I have set up NS records to point to the ns1.powerdns.com & ns2.powerdns.com and I also have A records in there. 3) Client domains set up in server with zone records.

This allows me to point my client domains to the vanity nameservers e.g. myclient1.com > ns1.mycompany.com and ns2.mycompany.com, myclient2.com > ns1.mycompany.com and ns2.mycompany.com and so on

But I need to move DNS away from hosting provider as it has been unreliable. I don't want the additional complexity of managing my own DNS server.

So my question is this:

If I move to e.g. Cloudflare or DNSME (the latter seem to have free vanity nameservers support) - what would the best set up be?

A) Would I simply set up one "master" DNS record for mycompany.com that points to my server IP / nameservers - and that would result in the client domains automatically following / re-routing / bouncing their DNS lookup through the DNSME "master" record? What is the likely client domain interruption with this method?

B) Or should I update all client domain registrar records to point to the DNSME NS individually and then set up separate records (or a template) for each client domain to point to my server?

I assume only B above would mean any client domain nameserver changes would benefit from CDN type propagation?

  • Moving away from your own DNS servers is a very good idea. Professional DNS hosting is both cheap and reliable. – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 5 '17 at 11:30
  • Yes, but what is the most efficient method ? – Chalance2010 Jun 7 '17 at 6:30

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