I'm trying to set up a (.tk) website for a school project using 000WebHost, but at the same time I want to integrate CloudFlare DDoS protection into my website as well. The two ways to hook up a domain name to 000WebHost are to either 1) add a CNAME record that points to the free subdomain 000WebHost provides (your-domain.000webhostapp.com) or 2) change your DNS nameservers to 000WebHost's own.

But in order to use CloudFlare you need to either change your nameservers to Cloudflare's own or add a CNAME record to CloudFlare themselves. The thing is that the registrar for .tk domains (Freenom [sorry, can't post a third link because I have under 10 rep]) only allows you to use CNAME records or different nameservers, you can't have both different namservers and CNAME records at the same time.

Ideally, I would have a CNAME pointed at 000webhostapp.com and my nameservers pointed at Cloudflare, but I can't do that due to said restrictions. So my question is: is there some way to circumvent Freenom's restrictions and use a CNAME and different nameservers at the same time, or should I jump ship to a Cloudflare Partner's web hosting service i.e. Free Virtual Servers (sorry, again I can't post a link) so I can just activate CloudFlare through cPanel without changing the nameservers or adding CNAME records?

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For anyone else searching for this,

You can change your dns from Freenom to CloudFlare (or whatever DNS you want) by going to Manage domain > Management Tools > Nameservers and use CloudFlare's nameservers

and in CloudFlare, you can use the DNS system that they got to point to 000webhost [cname]


You can't have different nameservers and CNAME records at the one host - even that sentence doesn't make sense really.

By changing the nameservers you are shifting the DNS to that host and that is where you will have to set up the CNAME

  • Oh thanks - I didn't know that you couldn't do that.
    – LjMario007
    Commented May 29, 2017 at 23:04

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