i tried searching on internet about this question and how Firebase handle indexing and how owner of the content running on Firebase hosting can influence crawling by Google bot.

Personally, i am running website built with Polymer + Firebase as backend (so basically SPA) with like 150 visitors per week and my website has common navigation with 5 links:

  • /price-list
  • /contact
  • /projects
  • /about-us
  • /home

Also projects page has nested

  • /projects/interior
  • /projects/architecture

Google indexed my website far more than it should and currently results like this appear when googling


So back to my question: How can i influence Google bot to forbid crawling specific sites? It is enough to just upload robots.txt or sitemap file along with other files like i would normally do with common hosting?


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Yes, you can block access to specific urls with robots.txt rule. If the page has real, unique url and google is indexing it, it doesn't matter that it's a SPA and by default links are loaded without page refresh.

Disallow: /projects/interior/

should match /projects/interior/[id]/[name] but not /projects/interior

You can test robots.txt rules with Google Search Console to be sure.

  • Thank you Maadinsh. Following your advice i was able to resolve my issue and my page is now indexed correctly. Have a nice day! Commented Jun 1, 2017 at 10:07

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