I'm trying to learn how to use Google Adwords for the first time. I open a campaign and look at my keywords. The thing I don't understand is the item circled in red below: enter image description here

What is "Total - Display Select" and why is it the number 4? How is that number 4 calculated? If you sum up all the cells above it in that column, it doesn't give you the number 4. I was expecting the number 1 because I only see 1 click in the first row, which is properly summed up in the row "Total - all but removed keywords". So I don't know what "Total - Display Select" is trying to report on.


"Display Select" refers to clicks from ads showing up off of Google search and not associated with a keyword. They show up on Google partner websites that have a topic that closely matches the keywords. Here is an article that explains the feature: https://3qdigital.com/3q-accelerate/4-things-need-know-display-select

This feature appears to be similar to the "content network" option that lets ads show up on AdSense websites.


I think it`s how many clicks you got on your Display Network campaigns

  • Such a short answer is not high quality. This answer could be improved a lot just by finding Google's documentation and linking to it. – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 21 '17 at 9:53

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