I'm new to Google Shopping. We have been required to use GTIN number for our products. I understand this GTIN number has to be unique. But is it enough to be unique for only our products. Or it has to be a unique value in the world??


Each complete GTIN is unique for the whole world.

A GTIN is a Global Trade Item Number. There are several types of GTIN, including

Typically a particular type of GTIN has 4 parts,

  • a "group indicator" (typically indicating the country a national registration agency is in),
  • a "manufacturer code" (typically a number that the business buys from a national registration agency for a small fee; the agency makes sure each business in that country gets a unique number.),
  • a "product code" (the manufacturer is responsible for making sure each of its kinds of products gets a different product code), and
  • a checksum.

This way each kind of product can be assigned a number unique across the whole world.

Some manufacturers stamp their product with not only a GTIN for that model of product, but also a serial number counting how many of that model has been manufactured.

Google says

"Some products don’t have a GTIN assigned, and so you don’t need to submit one. However, if the product does have a GTIN assigned and you don’t submit it, then the product could be disapproved." -- "Products without a GTIN"

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Oops! I miss read it.

Based on my past setup with Google, gtin can be left blank if you don't have.

mpn can be any unique number which identifies your products uniquely.

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