Can you implement solely the transactional enhanced eCommerce without the product impressions etc.


The documentation indicates to me that you can use just pieces of it. It says:

There are multiple types of ecommerce data you can send using analytics.js: impression data, product data, promotion data, and action data.

It doesn't say you have to send any of them, it says you can. Furthermore it says:

Combining Impressions and Actions

In cases where you have both product impressions and an action, it is possible to combine and measure this in a single hit.

This further implies that sending impression data is optional. It only combines the data if it has it to do so.

  • Stephen's interpretation of the documentation is correct, most features are optional. I know this because I have worked on multiple custom GA implementations on E-commerce sites in the last few years. – adam-asdf Aug 7 '17 at 8:13

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