I'm creating a website for my brand and would like to use .rs because I can spell out the name with the URL.

IANA says that rs if for

country-code Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS)

Does that mean that my company, based in the USA, can't register under it? I've seen plenty of companies using .io because it's trendy, but not sure about legalities of this. I don't want to buy then find out I wasted my money because I can't use it.


I checked on this site and it says the rs is for

for all interested users, regardless of whether they are legal or natural persons, domestic or foreign

does my use fall under the 'interested users' category?

  • Many domain names are supposed to be country-code but widely used by everybody. It makes little sense in the current era to restrict a domain only to a country, unless it has historically been so or the country has some extra regulations (e.g. ".cn" for China)
    – xji
    May 2 '17 at 11:20

I notice it doesn't have a definition of "interested users" so it is likely safe to assume you are one.

Unless my exchange calculations are wrong, the cost of around 500 Dinars is around $US4 so you aren't wasting much money anyway.

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