One of my managers has asked if it's possible to see how many users are returning to our website after having previously visited a specific campaign page.

For example,

Session 1: visitation to www.website.com/marketingpage

Session 2: the same user returns to literally any other page on the website www.website.com/anyotherpage

I know that GA will provide 'count of sessions' under the user explorer and 'average sessions per user', but i don't see any way of segmenting or reporting on user activity in a previous session.

Am i missing something? Is it possible?

To be clear I don't care about the identity of the user at all. Just the linkage between sessions

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I would do this by creating an "advanced segment" for the users that have visited that page:

  • Visit a report that has the user count
  • Click "+ Add Segment"
  • Click on "+ New Segment"
  • Name the segment "marketingpage visitors"
  • Choose "Advanced conditions"
  • Set it to "Filter Users Include Page /marketingpage"
  • Save the segment
  • Make sure it is the only segment currently applied (remove any other segments)
  • View your report

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