I have a custom domain http://jstock.org mapped to my github page : http://yccheok.github.io

I setup it using https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/9645/2208/how-do-i-link-my-domain-to-github-pages

My namecheap setup is

A Record    @ 
A Record    @
CNAME Record    www    yccheok.github.io.

enter image description here I also have a CNAME file setup at github side, which I believe it is being done correctly


However, when I type


it is redirected to


This will yield error in client browser, as my static page doesn't support SSL.

I was wondering, what is the root cause of this problem and how I can fix it?

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If you want to access your site with www subdomain, then make sure your CNAME file in github pages also contain www, not just domain.org

So make your CNAME file like this


If the problem still exist, then may be your index.html might contain some javascript code which make automatic redirection. But first try above solution.

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