Is there any possible way/ method to check that google analytics code is installed on all the pages of a website?

Please recommend me so, that I can fix that up.

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You can write a crawler to go through your sitemap.xml (provided you have one, damn, you should have) and crawl through every link provided there and check for ga() being available as a function. A simple script would be:

if(typeof(ga) === 'function' || ga instanceof Function) {
   return true;
   // handles control to the next check

Alternatively, you can use this tool. I used it to crawl my website, and the result was positive, for over 1500 pages it has crawled in the time I wrote this answer.

  • It is good but, now working on the product pages or categorie pages of ecommerce.
    – P082
    Apr 7, 2017 at 7:47

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