I want my client reviews, on my own site, to be in review scheme - https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/reviews#review-snippets

I have to include itemReviewed and I guess I should make it a LocalBusiness.

Are there particular attributes and values of those attributes that I should use, for LocalBusiness, to tell Google that the item being reveiwed is 'this business, who's site your looking at now'.

I can see a sameAs attributes who's value I can set to a URL which I could set to the website's URL. Is that a good way to do it or should I do it some other way?

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As far as Google’s rich results are concerned, you find every supported property in the documentation you linked. What you ask about doesn’t seem to be related to the review rich result itself, as Google doesn’t need to make a difference in case the reviewed business is (or is not) the owner of the page. So as far as Google is concerned, we are entering undocumented territory: it’s not clear wich method Google recognizes (or if any at all).

You could do the following:

  1. Provide a WebPage item.
  2. Specify your LocalBusiness as author/publisher/etc. of that WebPage. (Check which of the properties that take an Organization item as value apply in your case.)
  3. If the page with the reviews is only about your business: Specify your LocalBusiness as value for the about property of the WebPage.
  4. And in the reviews, specify this LocalBusiness as value for the itemReviewed properties, too.

That way, interested consumers can learn that this LocalBusiness is [1.] responsible for the current page as well as [2.] the target of the reviews.

Depending on your markup, it might not be possible for you to specify your LocalBusiness exactly once. In that case, identifiers (@id, itemid, resource) could help (not only in this case, it’s generally a good idea to provide them).

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