I am making a privacy policy and for Google Analytics have this as a point which was suggested with a free privacy policy maker:

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data

They did not have Adsense without paying a subscription charge which i currently don't want to do.

What would the point for Adsense be, perhaps simply the same as Analytics?

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The point of the requirement from AdSense on a Privacy Policy is not analytics, but cookies (the DoubleClick cookie) and opt-out information.

More information on what AdSense requires you to have in the Privacy Policy can be found in the terms agreement, at Section 8:

Terms section 8 from Google AdSense via TermsFeed

As we mentioned in our blog post here, according to Google your Privacy Policy needs to reflect your use of AdSense:

  • That Google uses cookies to serve ads to visitors of your website
  • That the DoubleClick cookie used by Google allows Google to show ads to visitors based on their visit to your site and/or other sites (interest-based advertising)
  • How users can opt-out from the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising

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