I have setup a dashboard where I could easily get the number of users who performed a certain event in a card. I have used the 'users' metric with a filter for the 'event category' and 'event action' and it gives me the number of users who performed this event.

What I really want to do is to display the percentage of the total users who performed the event. Instead of displaying 15 users performed the event I want to display 20% of users.

How can I achieve that? I cannot have a user metric filter and another without the filter to make the comparison. Am I missing something?


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The answer, according to Google employee Rick E, is that there's not currently a way to do this:


The thread suggests the workaround of using the bar chart column style in a table or showing a pie chart. Neither of these are great solutions.

Other options are to do the calculations in GA (using calculated metrics) or using the GA spreadsheet add-on to pull data into Google Sheets, then manipulate this data and pull it into Data Studio.

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