I have some webspace with two top level domains. I am programming an android app at the moment, which is a niche app. Because of this I need a good homepage with useful content for my users, so that they can find the content with google and can take a look to my app. The content will not only be about the app-topics. I want to use wordpress to create the landing page and the content-blog.

  1. First Domain: Main field of the topic -> www.main-field.com (for example the whole fitness field.)
  2. Second Domain: The app is only a subset of the main topic. -> www.subset-app.com (For example a healthy nutrition to get big muscles.)

Now I am thinking about my next steps:

  • Should I use a URL forwarding? Which of the two domains should be my MAIN-page?
  • Should I use both domains? So if I click on BLOG/Content I go to the www.main-field.com and the other way if I click on about the App I go to the www.subset-app.com

Thanks for your answers!

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