We are seeing something weird in our mobile app crawl dashboard on the search console.

Up until 3rd Feb, we had only 3 crawl errors but suddenly that number is now 107k and it went up between 3rd and 8th feb and has continued to go up, and now crawling has stopped completely. We have a website that is linked to the app in the play store console (app indexing).

The most common error seems to be that google is doing "Google Automated mapping" and getting a Intent URI not supported error.


Intent URI not supported We couldn’t open the app page you selected. Make sure your app manifest supports HTTP URLs and that they’re formatted correctly in your sitemap.

Source: Google automated mapping

App URI: android-app://com.example.example.html

Web URL: https://www.example.com/example. (sample data)

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Is there a setting to stop this?

Same question was raised here on Stackoverflow and I raised a bounty there.

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