A site in Word Press. It has several custom post types. Each of them has several taxonomies that, coincidentally, are the same. Specifically:

 - Press <-- CPT
    - Country   <-- Taxonomy
    - Theme 
    - Department

- Resources
    - Country
    - Theme
    - Department

I'm using Visual Composer and need to use the Post Grid module, which lets you create a custom query in "one-line" format such as posts_per_page=3&post_type=post&post_status=publish&orderby=date&order=DESC


What's the one-line query to output the most recent 5 posts from BOTH custom post types within the taxonomy "Country"?

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Found the answer! The string has to be URL-encoded containing an array for the field "post-type" and also the "[ ]" characters are not allowed so must output the url-encoded value which is %5B%5D.


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