I have a Wordpress site on a VPS which keeps getting attached on xmlrpc and wp logins. As part of combatting this I password protected the wp-admin directory (via Cpanel 'Directory Privacy') - but when I go to test it I get browsers not loading the page due to 'too many redirects' (Safari and Chrome). As a plan B I've installed a WP plugin to rename the wp-admin address, but logging in to that redirects back to the same login page instead of successfully going to the dashboard, which also seems like a redirection. Any possible solutions or logs I can look in that might shed some light?

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Password protecting the wp-admin directory is not very helpful because wp-admin redirecting to yourdomain.com/wp-login.php

It is best to use two steps authentication or limit the number of login attempts.

  • OK, so its behaving as you'd expect - not an error? Think I;ll go and leave a comment on the website that suggested it! Thanks!
    – iain-g
    Feb 23, 2017 at 16:20

The "too many redirects" error can happen depending on server settings. The way to fix it is:

  1. Find the .htaccess file in your Wordpress installation (by default it'll be in the document root).
  2. Edit this file, by adding the below line to it:

    ErrorDocument 401 default

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