How should I setup a guest and a registered user checkout conversion funnel?

I need to setup a guest and a registered user funnel to track conversions separately. Specifically, we need to look at goal completions (conversions), cart abandonment, bounce, exit, as we A/B different page views (changing UI on middle pages).


1) The regex does not seem to match the pages in the funnel, and so it is showing zero completed sessions (although a conversion of 0.8%)

The typical flow goes: Cart > Login > Shipping > Review > Complete, but the query string doesn't show up until the shipping page, so I've started the funnel there. If I understand correctly, the funnel only looks at the required first page and the last step, so I've only added the query string parameter there.

I've tried these two regular expressions.

 Regular Expression: ^\/complete\?guest=.*$
 Regular Expression: /complete\?guest=1

They return conversion results, but the funnel shows no completed sessions. I understand the conversions ignore the funnel and just looks at the last page. So, that means my funnel URLs are wrong or my regular expression isn't doing what I hope.

Guest Destination Goal

 Regular Expression: /complete\?guest=1

 Step 1: /shipping?guest=1 (required)
 Step 2: /review
 Step 3: /complete?guest=1

Registered User Destination Goal

 Regular Expression: /complete

 Step 1: /shipping (REQUIRED)
 Step 2: /review
 Step 3: /complete
  • maybe /complete$
    – Evgeniy
    Commented Jun 6, 2018 at 13:48

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It looks like your RegEx of /complete\?guest=1 will be working fine.

One of the most common issues for data issues on these pages if switching on your e-commerce on the view you are using. This one crops up when you are using multiple views to test your e-commerce settings and forget to put it on the one you usually use.

To do this, simply go into your account Analytics >> Property >> View >> eCommerce >> Toggle switch “ON”.

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