Search Console is reporting 404s for URLs that don't exist on my site. However, GoogleBot seems to be crawling a URL by guessing a page based off of relative paths in my links. For example:

I have a page http://www.example.com/joe/product/cool-product

It contains a relative link: <a href="/art/modern">modern art</a>

I seem to be getting a lot of 404s in Search Console for http://www.example.com/joe/product/art/modern

Which doesn't exist and I can only assume the GoogleBot is building this URL from the current page URL and the path in a strange way.

Does this affect my Crawl Budget?

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    Googlebot is crawling them. Everything Googlebot crawls is part of your sites "crawl budget". Commented Feb 20, 2017 at 12:14
  • Googlebot has a big budget. Most sites don't have to worry about having more pages than Google is willing to crawl. Commented Mar 30, 2017 at 9:29

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  • Crawl rate limit is designed to help Google not crawl your pages too much and too fast where it hurts your server.

  • Crawl demand is how much Google wants to crawl your pages. This is
    based on how popular your pages are and how stale the content is in
    the Google index.

  • Crawl budget is “taking crawl rate and crawl demand together.” Google defines crawl budget as “the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants
    to crawl.”

For more read: here.

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