In cPanel, in Raw Access section I have following configuration. Which I guess means, Remove all the logs of visitors data at the end of month. And it is showing only the data of Feb-2017 in .gz files. This is quite understandable.

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Now, if I check Awstats under Cpanel, it is showing visitor statistics of Jan-2017 also. Now, since our system has removed the log data of previous month, from where Awstats is collecting these data and showing in statistics? How can I remove all the data of visitors at the end of each month, so I can write in website's privacy policy that, we remove all your data after 30 days? Very very Thanks.

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The Awstats FAQ has the information that you are looking for. Awstats maintains history in text files located in its DataDir (data directory).

To delete old months of data, go to that directory and delete the history files for the old months. They are typically named awstatsMMYYYY.txt Next time awstats runs, it won't have those stats to include in its output.

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