I purchased a domain from GoDaddy like so:


I created a subdomain as well:


I want to display all of my live demos on the demo.mydomain.com site like this:



I'm using Heroku to deploy different apps, so I know in the GoDaddy panel I can point demo.mydomain.com to a specific location, is it possible to point it to a specific location like demo.mydomain.com/project1? Right now the project I have is just pointing to demo.mydomain.com, however I want multiple apps to be found off that subdomain.


You cannot do that, directly, from the GoDaddy control panel. You can use the control panel to obtain similar results, if you are willing to set slightly different operations. You can make multiple, uniquely named, subdomains for the different apps. You can add those domains to the DNS Manager under the Domains menu, then use the Redirects under the Domains menu to do a premenant redirect to that URI. I.e.: Add the subdomain project1.demo pointing to the main IP, then redirect project1.demo.example.com to http://demo.example.com/project1. The redirect requires a protocol, so you'll need to choose whether or not to use TLS for each one before hand.

Not sure of you exact requirements, so you may not need to go through all this. If your apps can be set to point to demo.example.com/project1 as their root, then creating the directory project1 under the location set as the root of demo.example.com and creating the subdomain demo.example.com in the normal method: Subdomains on the Domains menu, could be enough.

The way their system does things, if demo.example.com is set to have a root of public_html/my_demo, then demo.example.com/project1 will load from public_html/my_demo/project1.

  • This is good information. I guess I'm not totally at the point where I'm going to be doing this, but I wanted to see if it was possible. Will keep this in mind. – Timothy Fisher Feb 18 '17 at 16:17

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