I have 2 questions about SEO on blogger. (I have a custom domain)

  1. Should I add 'nofollow' tag to search label links on blogger? (found in my blog Menu and somewhere in the blog posts) "domain.com/search/label/......"

  2. Similar question, I'm using subdomains (with URL masking) to make the search labels links more user-friendly (for desktop users only). should I nofollow them too? BTW those pages are indexed, but I don't care about their ranking, the question is if adding a nofollow tag for subdomains that are not important, will do any damage?

For example "category1.domain.com" is masked URL for "http://domain.com/search/label/category1".

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Short Answer: You should not add the nofollow attribute to (any) internal links.

Long Answer: What you're describing sounds suspicious: masking; nofollow; user agent redirects.

I don't know if they'll do any damage but I don't think they'll help so why risk it?

nofollow was invented to prevent comment spam from passing PageRank, in effect indicating the publishing site "doesn't trust" the link.

When a link has the nofollow attribute Google no longer passes that PageRank to other links on the page, it simply evaporates.

Blogger is built and hosted by Google, I'm pretty sure it's search engine friendly right out of the box.

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