I've been seeing a massive conversion spike in affiliate sales (Pepperjam single advertiser). But no change in traffic. I'll show three months below, but I could just as easily go back years and the graphs would look basically the same. The changes aren't for a single affiliate link either, all links increased conversion (from what I can tell with small sample size).

Conversion Spike

Conversion Spike

But notice no change in the click throughs. (Also, no major change in traffic on our website - in fact down about 1%)

Flat Click Throughs

Clicks are flat

My question is 2 fold :

1) What is the most likely reason behind this kind of spike? 20% conversion rate seems pretty crazy (not that i'm complaining :)

2) What can I do to identify which clicks are converting? (I'm new to Google Analytics so maybe it has some report that would throw some light on the problem)


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