I have just inherited a website from a client who has no idea what their usernames and passwords are for anything. I had to fight the hosts to get access to her files but they are being quite unco-operative in terms of helping me access her database.

I know in other CMS the user/pass for the database is hardcoded in a particular file on the filesystem, but I've never used PrestaShop before and don't know where to start looking.

Does anyone have any advice?


Prestashop has pretty good online documentation and below is a snippet taken from the documentation for version 1.6 and I'm sure that nothing major has changed since 1.6 > 1.7 regarding the database settings file.


There are situations where nothing happens when you request a new password, and it doesn't work. There can be a number of reasons why this would happen, but the important thing is to be able to log in again.

This is will require you to access your database, using phpMyAdmin for instance.

You will have to follow the following procedure:

Open the /config/settings.inc.php file, from your shop's root directory

  • Perfect! I am in straight away. Thank you very much Simon :) – Ian Williams Jan 27 '17 at 12:21

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