1 person will send an email to 20 participants. Each participant will reply-all to the message - and continue to do so for each response they receive.

Will this improve our email reputations? What about our email reputations with gmail users / outlook users? (assuming that some of the 20 participants are gmail or outlook users)


It depends on the content of your email, not how many are sent or how many replies there are.

According to this http://www.towerdata.com/blog/bid/116384/Email-Reputation-What-It-s-All-About which I found by doing a search for what is email reputation (wink);

There are three principal components of email reputation:

  • Bounce rate: The number of messages that are returned as undeliverable divided by the number of emails sent
  • Complaint rate: The number of people who report your messages as spam divided by the number of emails delivered
  • Spam trap hits: The number of messages delivered to addresses that are explicitly used to trace and catalog spam

It should be added that 20 emails is a trivial number to send on the scale of how many emails are sent in a typical campaign.

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  • "Each participant will reply-all to the message" - 400 emails. "and continue to do so" - ??? – DocRoot Jan 8 '17 at 14:08
  • @DocRoot it is only 20 emails from each participant, what they do or don't do won't contribute to the OPs reputation – Steve Jan 8 '17 at 22:02

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