I've setup a YouTube channel to host some of my site's videos on and to share on social media. I'd like to add Google Analytics to it now but I'm not sure if I should use my website's property or setup a new property for the YouTube channel.

What are the pros/cons of using the same property, or is it best to always setup a new property just for the YouTube channel?

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This decision has nothing to do whether it is a YouTube channel, and nobody can answer this without knowing the contents of those two assets.

You can think of a Google Analytics property to be just that: a property, a discrete thing you own.

Let’s imagine somebody offered you money for either your website or your YouTube channel. Would it really only make sense to sell the two things as a package? If so, put them in the same Analytics property.

This is why options like “Industry Category” are tracked at the property level in analytics: you might have a side business selling widgets, and other one about collecting sprockets. These would be separate properties, and each could contain whatever sites you’d created for them.


You can sync your google analytics and youtube easily. Copy your google anlytics ua-code under channel>advanced. From their you will be able to copy and paste your analytics account number into youtube and track your youtube stats through analytics. You may want to setup a filter view to filter out the youtube traffic, but you can't just copy and paste the Analytics code, you need to use the tools in your channel.

https://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings all the way at the bottom you type in your analytics ua code.

You can segment the data in Analytics so no need to create two completely different properties.

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