I noticed a website used the product schema type to mark up their product and used more than 1 description.

Is this a bad thing? Are there any benefits from this?

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    First mistake of Schema is believing it will help your SEO. It helps Google and users understand your content easier. Quality content is understandable with or without Schema. The reason I brought this up was I noticed that you tagged the question with the SEO tag. However review stars will help indirectly assuming your products have them. Using multiple descriptions isn't going to help in anyway. – Simon Hayter Jan 5 '17 at 13:49
  • I know structured data does not have a direct impact with SEO but for many features it can have an indirect affect like a video thumbnail or image and like you stated, the stars for product pages. With the descriptions, I was not sure if this would have any affect on SEO regarding the search engines not knowing which description to read. I assume it will read all of them and take them all into consideration but was not sure. – GrapeSoda Jan 5 '17 at 13:59

I don't think will have any impact. In fact, if they state two descriptions without using an array, then I believe that Google will only read the final description (if you test it the structured data testing tool, it will only highlight the final description stated), so I don't think there is much point.At least that is the case for the JSON-LD format.

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