I have tried adding my company mail adress as an user on google webmaster tool.

I know that company email needs to be associated with a gmail account.

In order to do that i have added my company mail adress [email protected] to my gmail account [email protected] as an alternate email adress following the steps here https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/176347?hl=en

However when i try to add my company mail adress [email protected] as new user on google webmaster tool it says

Can't associate [email protected] with any Google account

I think i have done all the required steps.

What could be wrong?

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Think about Search Console as a service. You are adding users to this service. Each user needs to have a Google Account but does not need to have Gmail - which in fact is another service.

In order to create a Google Account without signing up for Gmail service, visit https://accounts.google.com/signup and pick "I prefer to use my current email address" option. After filling the form and confirming email, you can then add that newly created Google Account to each of your Search Console services.

Personally, I find this approach much better than mixing work related stuff/access with personal Google Accounts.


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