The sitemap engine I'm using generates a strange sitemap.xml. I need to add blog and shop sitemaps for those URLs too.

Now in robots.txt I specify this path https://example.com/sitemap-shop.xml, but I want https:///example.com/sitemap-blog.xml to be indexed by Google too. Actually, I have this in https://example.com/sitemap.xml, where all sitemaps are listed.

If I specify in my robots.txt https:///example.com/sitemap.xml, can Google see the links for the blog and shop sitemaps at the same time?


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Your main sitemap.xml group multiple sitemap files which is a practice part of the sitemap protocol.

If you do provide multiple Sitemaps, you should then list each Sitemap file in a Sitemap index file.

Every SE capable of reading sitemaps should be able to understand it.

You can also add the three sitemap files in Google search console to be sure, but sending the main sitemap.xml should be enough.


most ecommerce websites use this approach because they have large number of products classified by catagories. This approach help to maintain large sitemap. The main sitemap should contain list of other sitemaps. It is always better to include sitemap urls in robots.txt , so crawlers could pick sitemap easily. Our sitemap should contain unique urls. filetype should be xml.

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