Here Google says they prefer JSON-LD:

JSON-LD is the recommended format. Google is in the process of adding JSON-LD support for all markup-powered features. The table below lists the exceptions to this. We recommend using JSON-LD where possible.

But in other article, in the What is microdata and JSON-LD markup? section, they say they prefer microdata for content:

Microdata and JSON-LD are two different ways to mark up your data using the schema.org vocabulary. It's best to choose either microdata or JSON-LD and avoid using both types on a single page or email. Google prefers microdata for web content.

So what's up?


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The document that recommends JSON-LD is more recent and it clearly states that Google recommends using JSON-LD where possible (over Microdata) specifically for the following reasons:

  • "The markup does not have to be interleaved with the user-visible text, which makes nested data items easier to express, such as the Country of a PostalAddress of a MusicVenue of an Event."

  • "Google can read JSON-LD data when it is dynamically injected into the page's contents, such as by JavaScript code or embedded widgets in your content management system."


The Google Developers article is more recent. Then, I would choose that information as the prefered one.

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