I have been asked by a client to install an ssl certificate on her website which I have done and all working well! I have sorted out the security plugin and the .htaccess file with correct 301 redirects.

All variations of the site automatically redirect to https://www.example.com I have also added all the variations to GWT and set the preffered domains to www.example.com

However with all of this done I cannot use the change of address feature as it's just coming with no available sites. Have I missed something here?


UPDATE I thought it may be good to add a couple of screenshots showing my clients GWT account... enter image description here

Here is the change address page for the site also to confirm I want the change of address to goto the https:// version...

enter image description here

Finally if I click on the add it now link on the above page I get this....

enter image description here


You can not use change of address tool to migrate http to https version of website.

Here is official reference webpage, says.

The tool does not currently support the following kinds of site moves: subdomain name changes, protocol changes (from HTTP to HTTPS), or path-only changes.

This post from john mueller might help you in future.

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  • Thank you @goyllo have since found out buddy! Essentially it's the same so should not affect any seo! – Phillip Dews Jan 17 '17 at 14:49

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